Milky Goodness : Beef Cream Stew

I have this one notebook which I have been filling in with recipes I have come across for years. Every dish in my book has a story and memory behind.

Among all the recipes I have, cream stew is one of my favourite dishes. It was the first dish I cooked for my boyfriend and every time I cook this stew, it brings back all the old memories. Because the base is made of butter, milk and flour, it has a lovely creamy and mild taste. It is definitely a dish that I like to cook for and share with someone special.


Last week, we decided to just have dinner and chill since he was going back to London for Easter. Probably because l was thinking back on those old memories, I decided to cook a beef cream stew. I just felt it’d be a appropriate dish to cook since I wouldn’t be seeing his face for awhile. Well that’s fair right? No? haha

Now, using beef can be tricky when it comes to making a soup/stew dish. If you don’t give it enough time, the meat gets really hard and you might feel as if you’re chowing on rubber. You definitely want to avoid that. I usually like simmering the stew for 1.5-2 hours with a very low heat. This will give enough time to break down the muscles in the beef.

I know that some people usually like using those Cream Stew packed mix, but I personally think that stew made from scratch tastes better. Having said that, I know I probably should write down the recipe here but please bear with me for this time. It’d make so much more sense if I upload pictures as I explain each step but I totally forgot to take pictures. Oh wells. So yeah, next time it is. Oopsie haha

What’s your special dish you like to cook for your someone special?

Happy Spring break everyone x