It’s been awhile since the last time I blogged. I remember the very last time I had a blog page was when I was 15-16 years old and I’d pretty much blog about everything; random teenager things. Although I didn’t really share it with many people – sometimes I even made my posts private – I remember myself still enjoying typing up my thoughts and sharing them on the Internet.


So yeah, hello there. My name is Miho and I’m currently living in Brighton, UK. Most people have something they’re passionate about and mine would be cooking. As much as I remember, I have been enjoying cooking and admiring the beauty of it ever since I was little. Whenever my mom would be preparing dinner in the kitchen, I would try to copy her and act all ‘masterchef-like’. There were quite a few times when I’d sneak pieces of tuna sashimi my mom had bought for dinner, and I’d try to make a dish out of them. (OH little silly me. Well A+ for the effort though, no? Just kidding. Haha)

Anyways, I have been sharing my cooking-related pictures on Instagram for awhile now and thought, “Why not embrace myself a bit more? Why not bring back my old blogging habits? Why not, right?” So yeah, I can’t wait to share more of cooking-related bits and pieces in my upcoming posts with you.

Well, enough talking for now. Thanks for taking your time and reading my first blog post. Goodnight and hope you have a lovely day tomorrow x